Vibrating Egg with LED Light Therapy

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What is the Vibrating Egg?
Honestly, I called it this silly name and it just stuck 😆
The egg is actually an ultrasonic facial cleansing brush with added LED light therapy. Try saying that ten times fast! 

What else do you need to know about the Vibrating Egg?

  • It is waterproof, use it in the shower!
  • It comes with a wireless induction charging station. 
  • The charge holds for about TWO MONTHS!
  • It has about 12000 pulsations per minute
  • There are 7 levels of adjustment
  • There are 3 LED light options
  • The soft silicone is easy to keep clean

Using the Vibrating Egg daily, will increase the absorption of your skin care products!

When you purchase a Vibrating Egg, you will also get these FREE goodies...
1. 2 Korean Beauty Face Masks (may differ from photograph)
2. 1 Silver Facial Roller
3. 3 Super Soft Make-Up Brushes

LED Light Therapy


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