Aliseo Lash Stash

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Everything you need to get started is right here in the Aliseo Lash Stash,
and for a RI-DIC-ULOUS discount!

All Packed Neatly in a Lash Stash travel Case:
 - Viscosity™ Lash Liner (Clear)
 - 1 Set of Lashes (your choice)
 - Lash Brush
 - Lash Applicator
 - Aliseo Lash Squish™
 - 2 Facemasks

I want to help women achieve that natural beauty look without any fuss. Aliseo Lashes pairs any of my clear band lash strips with Viscosity™ Clear for that exact look!

Don’t worry about that perfect line on your lid, Viscosity Clear dries CLEAR! 

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Watch Lindsay doing a LIVE application on Facebook!
She gives you all of her tried and true tips and tricks too!
Aliseo Lashes Application